Classes and events in 2020

Here we are, near the end of September, and it suddenly occurred to me that my calendar for 2020 has a lot more on it than I’d realized. The following list includes classes, workshops, and shows.

February 20-23, 2020
Asheville, North Carolina
Grove Park Inn Arts & Crafts Conference
I will be showing a variety of work, selling my books, and leading a small-group discussion on the ethic of perfectionism versus economic realities for furniture makers of the Arts and Crafts movement. Join me and many other artists and makers for an inspiring and fun weekend at the fabulous Grove Park Inn.

April 17-18, 2020
Southbridge, Massachusetts
Fine Woodworking Live 2020
I’ll be teaching workshops on various finishing techniques using milk paint–some familiar to those who use milk paint, others new, serendipitous discoveries.

June 15-19, 2020
Berea, Kentucky
Pine Croft Woodworking School
Weeklong class: Build a Voysey two heart chair.
This surprisingly comfortable chair is simple to build when you have a few tricks up your sleeve. This high-back version of Voysey’s two heart chair has been one of my favorite chair designs since the moment I first set eyes on it. I traveled to the Cheltenham Museum in 2017 to take measurements and make tracings for templates to go in my book on English Arts & Crafts furniture. This is going to be a fun class, and you should have your chair assembled by the end of the week. If you have time for another week, stay on and take Cathryn Peters’s class on weaving your own rush seat. You’ll go home with a chair ready for the dinner table.

September 5-6, 2020
Amana, Iowa
I’m looking forward to being at Handworks with copies of my new book about kitchens, to be published by Lost Art Press. Publication is planned for summer 2020.

October 5-10, 2020
Tampa, Florida
Florida School of Woodworking
Build an heirloom desk
Originally designed as an Arts and Crafts piece, this desk is surprisingly adaptable to other styles. Stick to the original oak and dark finish or customize the design with a different wood species, finish, and hardware for a more modern or Scandinavian look.

3 responses to “Classes and events in 2020

  1. Wow, how do you fit in all your other woodwork involving building things? Lucky students who get to have the one on one contact with you on the real tricks of this trade?

  2. Hi Nancy, I thought you might be interested in this exhibit at the Center for Art in Wood: “Making a Seat at the Table: Women Transform Woodworking.”

    • Thanks, Brian. I’ve been aware of this exhibit since it was first announced. Kudos to Laura, Phoebe, and Deirdre for putting together a show that puts the spotlight not just on women, but on so many younger designer-makers.

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