Nancy riding baled wire March 2 2016 by Bradley Cox

You’re as likely to get joy from emails like these as you are to get from Indiana to New York on a bale of old fence wire. Photo by Bradley Cox, Giant Eye Photography.

Subject line: Undangan penawaran pelatihan

Message contains attachment.



Dear Talented,

I am Talent Scout For BLUE SKY FILM STUDIO, Present Blue sky Studio a Film Corporation Located in the United State, is Soliciting for the Right to use Your Photo/Face and Personality as One of the Semi -Major Role/ Character in our Upcoming ANIMATED Stereoscope 3D Movie-The Story of Anubis (Anubis 2018) The Movie is Currently Filming (In Production) Please Note That There Will Be No Auditions, Traveling or Any Special / Professional Acting Skills, Since the Production of This Movie Will Be Done with our State of Art Computer -Generating Imagery Equipment. We Are Prepared to Pay the Total Sum of $620,000.00 USD. For More Information/Understanding, Please Write us on the E-Mail Below.
CONTAT EMAIL: bluesskistud@163.com
All Reply to: bluesskistud@163.com
Note: Only the Response send to this mail will be Given a Prior Consideration.

Talent Scout
Kim Sharma




I hope you’re having a nice day.

We are interested in sending over a quality and relevant article to your site nrhillerdesign.com as a contribution. We have a team of writers ready to prepare a post that adds value to your site and its readers.

Is this something you might consider? If yes, I can email over the article asap. Rest assured that it will be subject to your review. Please note that we’ll also add references to our client.

Aside from the article, we will also pay an administrative fee worth $100 through PayPal.

Please email me back if this is something that might interest you.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Julia xxxxxx
Outreach Executive

Translation: We will pay you to publicize our service/product using your good name. We know better than to state this outright, which would be a violation of journalistic ethics; hence our reference to an “administration fee.” Nor do we actually want to advertise, because that would be too obvious (and probably ineffective).

If your credibility is only worth the $200 to $300 you’re likely to receive before subscribers stop following you because they realize you’ve sold out, go for it.–Nancy Hiller, Author of Making Things Work

5 responses to “E-prophylaxis

  1. Looks like you have been hacked. I hope this doesn’t continue so that I don’t mark your emails as spam. Lee

    • Funny. I don’t open messages with attachments unless I know the person who sent them, and even when I know the person, I get in touch with him or her by some other means than email to check, having had bogus missives sent to me from hacked addresses. The two I copied and pasted here I opened on my phone first; they’re the kind of thing lots of people with small businesses receive: simple phishing nonsense. It’s a bizarre world.

  2. This is what I sift through at work. I did redact some superfluous content, although it may all be superfluous:

    Hi …Certified Parts Specialist, I am Larry Williams Deaf, hard of hearing i do love and wishes to call you on phone to place an order… but i will highly appreciate it for our lord Jesus Christ sake if you can permit and forward your total costs of the four pieces of the part required through email only ,, Please be alert that i will not be able to come to your store to pick-up the part but i will mostly appreciate it if you can ship it to my address through ups next day air only ,, Regarding payment i am full prepare and ready to prepay for the part order through my visa and master card only and if you do not have the four part ready in-stock can you special order them within one business day ??? Please and please kindly help and assist me to finished the part order for our lord Jesus sake and i am so sure that our lord Jesus Christ will surely help you in times of your need.

    Yep, that’s me; Auto Parts Acolyte extraordinare.

  3. Ugh!!! Who are these people?!

  4. Yes I’m interested and I wouldn’t consider it as selling out. Thank you for the offer hoping to hear more information soon.

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