Don’t be a Fallacy

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IMG_1930[1]Editor’s note: We still have a few spots open for an evening with Nancy Hiller at 7 p.m. Aug. 12 in our Covington, Ky., storefront. Nancy will read from her book, there will be beverages for everyone and then we’ll play some games. Read more here. Or skip that and get your tickets here.

Twenty years ago, I had to replace my refrigerator. Being a person who breaks into a cold sweat at the thought of facing the wires, tubes and electrical panels that make up the contemporary fridge, I bought a new one, the lowest-end, no-frills model from Sears, which came with a warranty, instead of gambling on a used appliance. Delivery added so little to the price that I signed up for it.

Two young men arrived with the refrigerator, which they carried up the steps to the side door just off the kitchen. I know a fridge can be a…

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2 responses to “Don’t be a Fallacy

  1. I wonder what might have become of those two and their false manhoods. Did they become upright citizens, or did they shrivel?

    • I don’t know what became of them. I’m sure that they felt a bit embarrassed when I called them on their carelessness, but the way they responded was so bad, not only in terms of them as individuals (no matter what your thoughts on gender issues, please at least avoid engaging in obviously fallacious reasoning!), but as employees representing a business. In reality, though, their sort of behavior is unfortunately far from rare.

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