Last Friday I gave a presentation about Making Things Work at A Workshop of Our Own, a collaborative professional shop in Baltimore for women and gender nonconforming woodworkers. Several months into their lease, the group, founded by furniture maker Sarah Marriage, learned that their building, which is located in a great old industrial neighborhood, was going to be put up for sale. They secured first right of refusal to buy the building and have since been racing to raise the necessary funds for a down payment. Please consider making a donation! Every donor’s name is added to the wall; yours can join those of Nick Offerman, Megan Fitzpatrick, Laura Mays, Wendy Maruyama, the American Society of Furniture Designers, Penland School of Arts and Crafts wood studio, the Philadelphia Furniture Show, and many others.

Here are a few pictures from the evening.

Wood 795

Just your typical darkened room — well, other than the ubiquitous woodworking equipment — ready for the slide show (Photo by Sarah Marriage)

Wood 804

A few girls goofing around. At left is Jorgelina Lopez of La Loupe Design (www.laloupedesign.com), who kindly met me at the airport. I have never had an escort from the airport to my destination, but I was grateful for the help in schlepping a heavy suitcase of books. Thanks, Jorgelina! Jorgelina’s website is well worth a visit.  (Photo by Sarah Marriage)

Audience at Nancys talk

Discussion after the talk (Photo courtesy of John Holmes)

Wood 818

Your name could join those of many others on this wall. (Photo by Sarah Marriage)

With Sarah Marriage

With Sarah after the presentation (Photo taken by our kind bartender)

Thanks also to Laura Cohen of Lady Brew Baltimore and her partner, Ryan, a professional upholsterer, for hosting me and returning me to the airport in the morning.

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  1. I read yesterday that the “W” is complete – now taking names for the first “O!”

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