New class: Build a Turn of the Century Baker’s Cabinet


Plenty of people claim to make furniture-quality kitchen cabinets, but those claims are often bogus. In this class you will learn how to design and build a versatile cabinet that really is furniture-grade.


The cabinet’s basic design is drawn from actual examples used in early 20th century kitchens. The maple version at the top of this post was commissioned by a customer who wanted a cabinet like the one barely visible at the back of this domestic science class in which her great-grandmother was a student. However, the construction of the cabinet for this class will incorporate higher-grade materials and a variety of joinery techniques found more typically in well-crafted furniture than in kitchen or other architectural built-ins.

Each cabinet will have an inset door, a drawer, and a tip out bin.

The techniques you’ll learn form a solid foundation for a variety of furniture and cabinetry–tables, kitchen cabinets, chests of drawers, and more–using a mix of machine and hand-cut joinery.

You will also come away with a cabinet that’s handsome and a useful storage piece for the kitchen, bathroom, or workshop.

Please note that as with any week-long project class, you may need to complete your cabinet at home, depending on your progress in the class. Rest assured, we will cover all of the techniques you’ll need.

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