Slow and steady wins the race

Email and other techno-wonders have their place, but nothing in the e-niverse comes close to delivering the joy of a surprise object found in your old-fashioned mailbox. Today’s mail brought one such object my way: a small brown package from an unfamiliar sender, which, on inspection, turned out to contain this lovingly preserved envelope from the early 20th century.Linoleum 1_clipped_rev_2

Inside the envelope lay a treasure trove: the original sample of Jaspe’ linoleum that had presumably been ordered by one Mr. Joseph J. Reiter. Also included were a sample of the recommended felt underlayment, a list of reputable suppliers, and a mint-condition booklet extolling the virtues of linoleum and instructing readers how to care for it.

Linoleum 2_clipped_rev_1

Linoleum 3_clipped_rev_1

Linoleum 4

A note accompanying the gift explained all. “We met at the Concordia show a few months ago,” wrote J.W., referring to the Tenth Arts & Crafts Chicago Show I’d done last spring. “We discovered we were both linoleum geeks. I told you I had a vintage sample and would send it to you when I found it. Better late than never.”

Better indeed–especially since the delay was so long that I’d completely forgotten about our discussion and as a result, experienced the thrill of surprise.

J.W., you made my day.

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