Now that’s what I call customer service

How often, when you have a problem, can you reach a live human being by phone? I’m not just talking about a warm body, but someone who is knowledgeable, willing to help, a clear communicator, and has a sense of humor to boot? 

I experienced the wonder of such contact yesterday. I had just finished making a length of wide cove molding when I discovered a problem with one of my SawStop tablesaw’s parts. I tried in vain to fix it by referring to the [extraordinarily clear and well illustrated] manual that came with the saw when I bought it. But alas, I am a poor mechanic.

So I called the service number provided at the back of the manual. And reached a live human being–not just a receptionist, but the very person I needed to consult. In the course of our conversation, he diagnosed the problem and led me through the fix, referring at each step to a saw of the same model at company headquarters some 2,000 miles away.

Granted, such care may count for little among those with a flair for fixing mechanical problems themselves. But for me, this experience confirmed that buying the SawStop had been a good choice. It also reminded me that some businesses understand the value of truly good service.

2 responses to “Now that’s what I call customer service

  1. You know I always like your succinct, episodic blogs. Good story telling.

    Here’s a query I’m aiming at Salon, and maybe others. Observations?

    Thanks, dear N.R.

  2. I always love it when that happens…rarely.

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