This is what retirement does for some people

A third student from the 2012 cabinetmaking class at Marc Adams School of Woodworking has completed his cabinet. Congratulations to Dave Rader, who remarks with his characteristic wit, which I remember vividly from the class, “I highly recommend both woodworking and retirement. [Retirement] does not make more time, but it does does give you more time to make.”

Rader, David

Dave Rader

Dave Rader's cabinet

Dave’s cabinet

Congratulations also continue to be in order for William Heidt, the second student from the class to complete his cabinet. Like Mike P. (see below; it’s worth scrolling down), Bill is retired, which clearly helps in terms of finishing projects.

Bill’s cabinet makes an ideal stand for his drill press (which has 1956 Hudson Hornet shift knobs on the handle). He put a 1-1/4″ mitered edge band on the top and finished the cabinet with tung oil.


Photos of Mike and his cabinet are below.

Before retirement

After retirement!

Mike’s cabinet, now being put to good use in his shop. Although Mike has not literally “finished” his cabinet, he has fitted the door, drawer, and end panel, and he has installed a drawer pull and door knob. He turned the knob himself. But even more impressive, perhaps, is that Mike made that unusual wooden mug you see on the cabinet’s top.

Other students please take note and send me photos of your completed cabinets and/or desks (from the summer 2011 class at the Kelly Mehler School of Woodworking…yes, Jim Ferrell and Larry Burk, this means you).  

This is the last time I wear white socks for a photograph.

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